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【成语拼音】:[ ān shēn lì mìng ]





【英语翻译】:(指生活和精神有所依托) one's life has the whereabouts and one's spirit has its entrustment; settle down and get on with one's pursuit; live in peace; establish in a locality; make a place one's refuge; nestle oneself in a place for (a) living; rest one's body and s઺





  • 人生的真正安身立命之处,只能在哀乐相生的情怀中。

    The real value of life only exists in the transcendence of life between sadness and happiness.


  • 我爱地球,因为它给了我们安身立命之所。

    I love the earth, because it gave us the living.


  • 而这就是你将来安身立命的资本,你可以借此找到新的靠山。

    And this is your future more capital, you can find new patron.


  • 哲学的真正价值在于为人的生存和发展提供安身立命之本和可靠的支撑点。

    The real value of philosophy lies in providing a base and a support for the human's existence and development.

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  • 一是内在的伦理价值生态,即市民社会的安身立命与伦理精神气质二者之间的互动与辩证统一;

    One is internal, namely the interaction and dialectical unification between an-shen-li-ming and ethics spiritual temperament of Civil Society;


  • 论文阐明当代图书馆哲学是世界哲学、服务哲学,是图书馆人安身立命之意识形态;

    The library philosophy is the world philosophy, service philosophy, and is the ideology of the modern librarians;


  • 在经济全球化的竞争中,没有什么比文化认同的失去更加可怕,对于一个国家和民族而言,拥有自己的文化是其安身立命的根本。

    In the competition of economic globalization, there is nothing more terrible than losing cultural identity. It's the surviving root for a country or nation to possess its own culture.


  • 房子是临时的,工作也无法固定,震后一无所有的人们渴望重新安身立命。

    In this transient environment, people who have lost everything yearn for a new anchor.


  • 当一个男人选择安身立命,他背负着自己的一生。

    When a man walks into a room, he brings his whole life with him.


  • 对自由的思考、对自由的追求,是一个人作为一个“人”的安身立命之本,是人能够得以不断活下去的最终理由。

    The thinking and pursuit for freedom are the foundation of setting and working for a human as a "human" and the terminal excuse for people to live on unceasingly.


  • 在“艺术死了”,市场就是一切的各种嘈杂的喧嚣声中,什么是艺术家安身立命,坚守自己价值标准的理由?

    In the noisy uproar that "art is dead", market is everything, what is the reason for artist to hold his ground and stick to his artistic pursuit and personal value?


  • 教育在这一时期何去何从,教师如何才能获至其安身立命之所,是我们每一个对教育略有所思的人必需去反思的时期命题。

    Education at this time where to go and teachers how to settle down are the era topics for every one of us who has own idea on education to reflect.


  • 近代早期农民家庭土地继承自然造就出一支难以依土地安身立命的群体,从而加速了人口的流动性;

    Land inheritance of peasant family in Early Modern can naturally result in a group of people who hardly live depending with the land.


  • 新移民在谋生不易的情况下,想出各种奇招,以求安身立命。

    They have to think out various and odd ways to make living.


  • 我指的是大事:是坚信自己虽然有缺陷,却是一个真正的有进取心的人;坚信在芸芸众生错综复杂的格局当中,自有我可以安身立命的一席之地。

    But I mean something bigger than that: an assurance that I am, despite imperfections, a real, positive person that somewhere in the sweeping, intricate pattern of people there is a special place where I can make myself fit.


  • 因为没有外部的投资,这些小型的工作团队只能依靠自身的智慧和勤奋工作来安身立命;

    Without outside investment, companies like these often have to rely solely on their wits and hard work to establish themselves.


  • 另一个额外的风险是,星巴克公司在全美各地分店中迅速扩大La Boulange品牌产品供应,这一举动有可能危及La Boulange品牌迄今为止赖以安身立命、取得成功的完整性。

    There is also the additional risk that, in quickly scaling the La boulange offerings across the domestic store base, the company may compromise the integrity of what made La boulange successful to date.


  • 投资者担心该公司已经没有可以安身立命的行业。高盛这个曾经的华尔街领袖现在是失去了国家的国王。

    Investors are concerned that Goldman Sachs has no industry any more, that the one-time leader of Wall Street is now a king without a country.


  • 老子为什么要推荐我们去寻找这么一个国土来安身立命,为什么非要鼓励我们去建立这么一个抛弃文明,回归原始生活的国度呢?

    Why did Laotse recommend such an area for our living? Why did he encourage us to establish a settlement that deserts civilization and returns to primitive life?


  • 值得肯定的是,他不抱有丝毫的希望,即我们可能逐渐理解的未来会不会给我们留下安身立命之所。

    But – and this is to his credit – he doesn't hold out the slightest hope that this future we may come to understand will have a place in it for us.


  • 我们必须牢记口语文字不只是工具,而且也是我们安身立命(深层文化认同)的助缘。

    We must bear in mind that language, spoken and written, is more than a useful tool. It is also the anchor of our life and spirit, namely, our deep-rooted cultural identity.


  • 来自火星的生命也可能真的在地球上觅得安身立命之所,只是科学家尚未认出它们。

    It is also conceivable that Martian life did find a suitable niche on Earth but that scientists have simply not identified it yet.


  • 银行业作为提供金融服务的知识密集型产业,智力资本更是其安身立命的重要资本,是商业银行价值的重要源泉。

    Banking is a knowledge-intensive industry, as the main business is providing financial services.


  • 企业安身立命的关系网却深刻地影响其行为与绩效。

    Yet the networks of relationships in which firms are embedded profoundly influence their conduct and performance.


  • 文学是他安身立命的根本,真理与正义是他的终极关怀。

    On Ultimate Care Literature was his own life, truth and justice were his ultimate concerns.


  • 土地是农民的安身立命之所。

    Land is the dependence of peasants.


  • 论文对中国传统的几种主要生死智慧从新的视角作出了展示,并对其进行了现代诠释,进而描绘其安身立命的文化实质,揭示出生命教育的重要意义。

    The paper shows several main kinds of china traditional Hfe-and-death essence from views and gives out its contemporary explanation.


  • 在传统农业社会,农民与土地的关系是密不可分的,土地是农民安身立命的根本,而农民对土地倾注了自己毕生的感情。

    In traditional agricultural society, the relationship between the farmers and the land was inseparable. Land was the foundation of the farmers, so farmers devoted his lifelong feelings to the land.


  • 作为亿万农民安身立命的宅基地使用权,它是我国农民的基本权利。

    The using right of housing land which settles down and gets on with life as trillion farmer.


  • 长久以来,土地是农民安身立命之根本。

    Over the years, land is the root of farmers '.


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